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Once my SOCAN licence is approved this is where you can hear my radio stream

 Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and samples of my work as commercials and bumpers!

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Generation X in a Digital World

Welcome to Renegades Radio Online, the hub where i share my talent for voice acting and combined it with gaming and music. Since i was a kid i'd take a tape recorder and read books, pretend to be a radio DJ, mix tapes (yes, TAPES) and wrote a few fan fics in school. While i was getting my day job established i really didnt have time for creative pursuits at first. a few years ago i got back into gaming and was recruited into an online in character internet radio station. It combined three hobbies in one, music, sci fi gaming, and voice acting. We even broadcasted live from the Star Trek 50th anniversary convention in Las Vegas!. I've been broadcasting on and off since but i really needed to do me own thing. Hear it is. Strap in, buckle up, and crank that volume Gen-X'ers, this is Renegades Radio Online!

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